Calling cards are a well-known, easy to use product

Calling cards are a well-known telecom product, which can be used from any country where an access number is available. The calling card or "phone card" is a printed card containing access information and account information for making international as well as national calls. Cards carry a limit on maximum amount of usage and are normally sold through high street distribution channels or online.

Because IDN realise control over your business is essential, our comprehensive calling card management software includes full detailed statistical information on your cards. Statistics for daily, monthly or for a given time period are available for browsing and analysis online.

IDN provides one of the industry's leading comprehensive calling card management software packages, which includes a number of highly innovative and useful features.

  • Manage calls in real time, via our real-time call information facility
  • Create, activate, credit and manage calling card batches or manage calling cards individually
  • Almost unlimited control and flexibility over your calling card business
  • Our unique billing system, offering many billing strategies including connection charge management, session management and duration analysis
  • Industry leading LCR (least cost routing) across up to fifteen carriers provides the best rate at the highest ASR (average success rate)
  • Set many types of limits for credit control and fraud prevention
  • Custom call prompts and an advertisement facility for calling card groups are available online
  • Our online management facility is available to end users, or you can use our API to integrate our data into your own website
  • IDN can offer you credit and debit card clearance for your accounts
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