VoIP or Voice Over IP is a modern and flexible way of saving on your phone bill!

IDN are a global carrier with the ability to terminate worldwide on H323 or SIP. We can provide bulk call termination services to carriers and service providers.

  • Ability to terminate millions of minutes of traffic per month
  • Very good quality A-Z termination
  • Market leading rates
  • Online account management
  • Comprehensive CDRs and call logs
  • Call analysis including ASR, average duration, callback rate, etc.
  • Prioritizing carriers to improve ASR
  • Supporting a variety of codecs
  • Fully customizable call prefix
  • All our call routing and terminaion uses reliable Cisco hardware
  • Set-up, testing and go live within 24 hours
Our rates very much depend on your projected traffic volume, call profile and traffic type. Please contact us if you would like rates information for a specific destination or for an A-Z rate sheet.