Advisory Services

"I don't have the people in place to support my IT needs"

IT systems, infrastructure and strategy supports your company's foundation for prosperity and growth. It's imperative that you have the correct solutions in place to protect your organization, provide the necessary reporting needs, and increase process efficiencies. Finding seasoned expertise to address these issues while controlling your costs is difficult.

IDN advisory services can help by providing the advice and strategy you need to meet your IT challenges while maintaining a lean organization. You can turn to IDN to address various IT challenges, such as:

  • Where do we start when our systems are a mixed bag of standalone systems and antiquated technologies?
  • I am constantly approving new solutions but we are not reaping the benefits I thought we could or should. How do I get more out of what I have?
  • Does our company have the right resources doing the right things?
  • Valuable information is scattered across our company in pockets and departmental silos. How do we get our arms around it and make it work for us?
  • Each day there is more to do with fewer resources. How can we get it all done without hiring a bunch of people? We need to over deliver and come in under budget.

Our list of advisory services addresses the various IT challenges and more.

Application/Technology Strategy

IDN looks beyond the technology to help companies assess the business impact of their system decisions. IDN will maximize a client's system investment by ensuring it resolves real "business" issues and creates a solid foundation for future business and technology decisions.

Business/IT Alignment

IDN plans and facilitates alignment workshops, conducts surveys and establishes ongoing checkpoints to help ensure business and IT are working together for the benefit of the company.

Project Management

IDN Leadership has a diverse and substantive track record for delivering successful projects by utilizing a combination of methods, tools, and techniques practiced and applied by an experienced project manager.

Project Governance

IDN facilitates sessions with stakeholders to design and implement the organizational and governance approach that makes sense, reduces project risk, and increases the likelihood of success.

IT/Business Leadership

When companies do not have a named CIO, but have a need for a CIO's perspective, experience and business acumen, IDN provides veteran IT and business leadership to advise on an individual situation or on a continuous basis, but part-time basis, and even to serve in an interim CIO role.

Coaching, Building Teams, Organizational Alignment, and Career Management

IDN uses Birkman methodology internally and with clients in the areas of coaching, building teams, organizational alignment and career management.

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