Business Assessment

"There are too many applications in my environment, and I still can't find the data I'm looking for."

As an executive, you may question whether your company's suite of software applications is continuing to efficiently support current operations and align with your company's strategic objectives. Since software systems are purchased on a periodic basis and organizations evolve daily, it makes sense to review your application infrastructure on a periodic basis. IDN works with executives to evaluate the systems that are in place and assess whether or not the systems individually and as an integrated whole, are providing the value that you expect.

Management Expectations

A project is born from management's vision and expectations, which are critical to the success of the project. Without them, projects are doomed to fail. How do you ensure these objectives get carried out and manage them while worrying about scope, budget and the trivial day to day activities that take up most of your day?

IDN makes sure the objectives of the project are laid out from day one. We will interview executives and management to determine where business process, data processing, and reporting inefficiencies exist. We identify the operational change objectives of the company from a data processing/reporting perspective and document the implications of those issues.

By starting with the end in mind and managing projects against those expectations, IDN ensures that the expected benefits are delivered.

System Evaluation

Who better to know your system environment than the people that deal with it on a day- to-day basis? IDN will meet with your key users to:

  • Evaluate business processes and efficiencies
  • Quantify the usage of supplemental systems (e.g. paper, Excel, Access)
  • Assess reporting requirements and options
  • Develop the business case for change


It's hard to understand how many issues exist in your system's environment. Personnel may whisper them over the coffee machine in the morning, but they never seem to make their way to paper where they can be assessed and tracked. Effective risk management helps your company identify potential risk issues, analyze these issues, and develop practical solutions. IDN conduct root cause analysis of system inefficiencies which may include:

  • Poorly defined business processes
  • Organizational issues
  • Missing Application modules
  • Incorrect configuration
  • Data issues
  • Poor system integration
  • Growth that outstrips system capabilities


You've now identified all the issues in your current environment and have suddenly realized there is a lot more to do than you originally expected. What now? IDN's recommendations are an outgrowth of the findings and an alignment to management's expectations. The final deliverable IDN generates includes tiered recommendations with detailed explanations of the expected benefits and costs for each option. However, sometimes options aren't enough. We work with management to choose the best approach and identify a path forward for change and executing next steps.

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