Shared IT infrastructure, Security and availability!

Data Centres add to the current IT infrastructure, acting as an enabling technology to help both public and private services. IDNs solutions focus to create and build infrastructures that incorporate infrastructure to facilitate e-information system framework, traffic management systems, promotion of government services, co-location for telecoms, development of social and commercial development and many more, which can be easily managed with centralised software and infrastructure.

A Datacentre provides a Neutral point of interconnect and a major hub for governments and companies operating within a country and in neighbouring countries. We specialise in complete Datacentre builds and infrastructure. Some benefits are:

  • Resilient operational environments that are ideal places to house government and business critical equipment. Cabinets house the latest in multi-server technology. Each server unit can be removed and replaced without affecting performance of any other unit. Each server provides both computing power and redundancy.
  • Diverse network routing
  • Ease of interconnection- Datacentre connectivity to the rest of the world and to local and national organisations is managed throughout sophisticated authorisation, access, authentication processes. Internationally available secure data and the data stored at the datacentre is only available to authorised personnel and organisations who are vetted
  • Monitoring and preventative maintenance
  • Secure site access and control uses perimeter fence monitoring, movement and thermal heat detection technology, video entry, retina recognition, fingerprint recognition and face recognition technologies
  • Data centres to be operational 24x7x365.
  • High quality data centre environments with raised flooring and concealed ceiling, using 2.7m tall cabinets with digitally monitored cooling, power and performance systems. Redundant power supplies and latest technology in vertical and lateral cooling systems for best performance of servers.
  • New server storage technology is demanding more and more power and air-conditioning to be able to operate, and the costs of refurbishing and upgrading an IT environment located in office space can be huge, A Date centre would cut down of this for local businesses.
  • Skilled engineers providing 24hour technical support
  • Flexible space provisioning from a single rack to dedicated suites fitted to the client's specific requirements.

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At IDN we have a range of Equipment's and solutions for secure environments, ranging from full ICT Infrastructure to facilitate E-government, traffic management, Data centre products such as Power, racks, cooling, Networks, servers etc. We also offer a range of accessories from all types of Servers, rack locking systems, rack mount, LCD Consoles, CCTV, security monitoring, cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring products. IDNs server and network rack range can provide a comprehensive, build as you grow server room or data centre solution for your entire ICT Infrastructure.


IDN Infrastructure Management and monitoring software tools, enables data centres, small, medium or large businesses, governments and their operators to get the most from an IDN solution and thus gaining a competitive edge over its operations. We aim to prevent downtime caused by environmental and physical threats. Our management software monitors servers, bandwidth, processes, firewalls and individual applications running on servers etc. The monitoring is done on 24/7 basis. In the event of any problems engineers are notified email, SMS and other preferred means. It also contains predefined set of remedies in the event of a problem and is able to solve many issues without any engineer involvement. Another function of IDN ICT Infrastructure Management software application is to carry out network tests and analysis, which is used for review of network performance. Data centre grow and evolves regularly, at IDN we will provide a cost effective complete solution to monitor and manage your infrastructure. Contact our team today for more information.

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